Kompa Mix 2012 (Love Mix CD-3) Dj Irv

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Kompa 2012 love mix (new)
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************* TRACK LIST *************
Mix: 2:50, 7:05, 7:48, 9:25, 9:54, 10:40, 17:28, 20:35, 24:02, 27:22, 31:18, 34:18, 38:20, 43:48, 45:38, 48:55, 50:02, 56:04, 1:01:37
Carlitow & Jude – Pou Mwen Ka Trouve’w
Leila Chicot ft. 5Lan – Jamais te Laisser (Bannan’n Peze)
5Lan – Body 2 Body (Fon’n Kole)
Carimi – Deeper (live Oct. 2012)
5 Etwal – Koute Ke Mwen (live)
Dabenz – Pa Leve Men Sou Li
Alan Cave – Grave Sou Ke’ Mwen
Alan Cave – Un Bout De Mon Amour (ft Teeyah)
Harmonik – More Than Enough
Metod Konpa – Jaden Verite
Nu-Look – Wasn’t Meant To Be
Dj Platinum D – Lage Kow Lous
Daan Junior – Tout Moun Sou Do
Elie Lapointe ft Alexandra – Wo
Karizma – Toi Et Moi ft. Olivier Duret (live)
5Lan – A La Folie (Touchdown)
Black Parents – Sossis Groove (live 2012)
Dj Irv


hlywoodstrz says:

DeeJaay Irv, where are you located and what is you FB?

Ti-Maes Djoky Batteur says:

Ti-Maes Djoky 

Deejaay Irv says:

same song

CreamyBarbie87 says:


Terrel Joseph says:

What is the name of the first track nd who sang it

Casey lala says:

And 22:02

Deejaay Irv says:

thank u. 🙂

Dr. Louissaint LOUIS XVI says:

Felicitations bro! Great job.

Fleurdelys madinina says:

Congrats, I’m so impress too !!!

Deejaay Irv says:

Pa Leve Men Sou Li

Deejaay Irv says:

Lol. Another gift to everyone that like my mixes.

basketballjones says:

18:21 😀

Casey lala says:

What is the name for 21:01 please tell me

Sue Cher says:

Waw, I miss my ex

kompalove1 says:


Yvemelle Cinevert says:

i like the first song but i cant find it anywhere else

rosstar louis says:

du bon kompa mix all the way baby .rosstar .

Rain Bow says:

I love the second song one this mix but i wanna download this song but i
cant find it anywhere… would you please send me the link to where to get
this version… The Leila Chicot

Deejaay Irv says:

i don’t think it’s out for sale anywhere… not sure. i got it from 5lans’s

sandie petithomme says:

wow!!! i really like the first one hummmmmm

loremise says:

Dude your mixes are jamming, they are my late night anthems for my study
sessions for finals.

Deejaay Irv says:

They’re all listed in the description. 5Lan – Gabel/Koute Ke Mwen (live)

Vivian Ceremy says:

Can u please put the name of each track

marie charles says:

what a mix.. i am so impress with that dj. good job bro.. keep it up

sanydjy salone says:

dj mix la fre wi papa

AniYa A. says:

Men Kompa.. Se sa neetttttt!! Dance’ Dance’ Dance’!!!!!!

Deejaay Irv says:

I just put it in the description

Casey lala says:

What’s the name of the song 19:45

jonyboi21 says:

Bon bagay net!!!

basketballjones says:

another kompa mix? wap kon george!!! immediate download. keep up the great

Deejaay Irv says:

Way to go. That’s what it’s there for… to get your groove on. 🙂

Don Renaud Etienne says:

bon bagay

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