Martin Garrix & Firebeatz – Helicopter (Original Mix)

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Martin Garrix & Firebeatz proudly present Helicopter! Download your copy on Beatport NOW : or iTunes :

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Chart shredder Martin Garrix (mastermind behind #1 hit Animals) teams up with label mates Firebeatz to bring you Helicopter. Peak time, main stage, big room electro of the highest quality grade available! Prepare to “do the Helicopter” in all clubs out there, for months on end. BIG TUNE ALERT!

Pete Tong / BBCR1 : ‘Played in my Essential Selection on BBCR1’
Hardwell : ‘Super phat!! Full support on this record!’
David Guetta : ‘Supported in my radioshow’
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike : ‘Support!’
Nicky Romero : Full support’
W&W : ‘Sick collaboration, combined both styles perfectly!’
NERVO : ‘nniiiiice!’
Showtek : ‘This one goes hard!’
Zedd : ‘I like the chords / break is cool’
Sander van Doorn : ‘Full support’
R3hab : ‘Supporting!’
Danny Howard / BBCR1 : ‘It’s so sick!!!!!’
DMC Buzz Chart : ‘#4’

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Lauri H. says:

Best part 0:00 – 4:37!

GamingCoreNL says:

sounds like darude – sandstorm

VocaloidMau5 says:

IDK why the fuck deadmau5 always shits on Martin Garrix… I know he’s like
the top guy when it comes to Big Room House, which has a really bad
reputation, but Martin Garrix is pretty good… In my opinion, he’s one of
the best Big Room artists out there… If I was deadmau5, I’d be pointing
my finger to fucking DVBBS or Ummet Ozcan… DVBBS produces TERRIBLY and
Ummet Ozcan doesn’t even know how to fucking write music because he always
makes one note drops…

Starbeat says:

What’s the version of this song that says “Everybody Fucking Jump!” before
dropping? I’ve been searching for it for a while and I’ve never found it :S

VidMasterflex says:

LOL “Helicopter”. What a fucking lazy LFO gimmick to take advantage of.
Whatever pleases the simple-minded crowds I guess….

Fernando Hernandez says:

odio a los chulitos que se creen que saben todo de electronica que se creen
mejores que otros porque reconocen los diferentes generos de electronica
tambien a los que van diciendole possers a todo el mundo se creen tan
superiores jajaja lo que importa es escuchar la buena musica 

Incredibility565 says:

I’ll never understand, with people like Tiesto and Armin van Buuren, once
they make something different from trance, people go like “Dude wtf is this
shit I want trance, Tiesto/Armin should stick to makin trance this is
shit”. But here comes Martin who makes the same kind of genre and the
people go like “Dude wtf this shit is so boring”. If I said something wrong
correct me, I haven’t listened to too much of Tiesto’s and Armin’s earlier
work, but to me this is how most of the people sound like.

adqwd qwdad says:

fucking latins

EdsonVideoHD says:

Could anyone tell me songs that got an orgasmic melody like this one? 

Melani Pls says:

Like si vienes de Mangel… Ah no que todavia no la ha usado!! xD

EduMiguel16 says:

tired of listening to this, get out of my radio

gottagofast says:

helicopters go fast but not fastest than me

Sara Oso says:

Temazo :3

Johnny Nguyen says:

jesus every one throws ot the “martin garrix is just a kid excuse” for
everytime he releases a mediocre track or one that is basicaly the same as
the previous, but think about it, madeon a guy of the same age who started
at *16* is releasing way better tracks. And age doesn’t matter it’s the

Jake Well says:

This drop sound is so annoying… hurts my brain (-_-“)

Kristian Raunio says:

who needs bass boost?

Zaul Hudson says:

¿porque odian todos a martin garrix? :s

Arb Aliu says:

Love This Fucking MUSIC <3

budgieda says:


javier pro gamer says:

song of epona in the minute 0:32?

Milda Pauliute says:

How to dry your hair:
1. Listen to: Martin Garrix & Firebeatz – Helicopter (Original Mix)
2. Wait for the drop.
3. Shake your head crazy 

Alec Sanchez says:

People just love to shit on Martin Garrix for doing his thing. Let the kid
be. He is 17 (18?) years old and is killing it with club bangers, top hits,
and crowd pleasers up and down. 17!!! Give the kid a break. Not many can
make music at that age let alone work with a set. He’s killing it, and
everyone just loves to hate because they aren’t as successful as him. He is
making killer music and music I could rage face too on a daily basis. Sure
some may be one dimmensional, but give the kid a break (and several years).
He has soooo much to learn and there is nothing but good things coming to
him from here on out. He will be a top 10 DJ with a few more years under
his belt, easily and guaranteed.

Buba Ware says:


Zed Diesder says:

Heli cop –ter tu tu >o

berna Man says:

min 1:26 amazing OMG portugal :)

Andrea Najera says:

Martin Garrix & Firebeatz – Helicopter (Original …:

Dan Weatherley says:

A little generic. Still cool though :)

Sebastián Calderón Ortiz says:
Paloma Palome says:

Not the night is not over XD 

Alain Doerga says:

This is the best beat

The Filming Finn says:

Stop hatin’on Martin Garrix he’s only fuckin’ 17!

EmilyWolfLover MoonLight says:

OH CRAP!!!!! 99K LIKES!?!?!?! This song must be that EPIC!!!!!!!!! 😀 Also
its a awesome song!!!!!!!

Nesvit Helmunt says:

Martin Garrix & Firebeatz – Helicopter (Original Mix)

filippos parousis says:

amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fabio Souzza says:

Ai sim helicóptero 

Jetze Siemensma says:


alejandro rodriguez says:


xXxBo5sANaCxXx says:

This kick is insane!!!

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