Mixing Vinyls, 2 CD decks and sampler at a time

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Live mixing with vinyls, cds and sampler at a time by Dj Amely (world sexiest model dj 2013)


1)Dj Amely Vinyl intro
2)Crazy Town – Buterfly Dj Amely Bootleg
3)Afrojack_-_Zeggie (Amely’s NI maschine edit)
4)Alvaro & MOTI – NaNaNa (Amely’s vinyl mash up )
5)Benny Benassi & Pink Is Punk – Perfect Storm (Amely’s vilil mash up)
6)Make The Crowd GO (Original Mix)
7)Lucky Charmes & Andy Callister – Kick Out The Jamz (Amely’s NI Maschine +Vinyl edit)
8)Bloody Beetroots, The feat Tai & Bart B More – Spank (GTA Remix)
9)Diplo & GTA – Boy Oh Boy( Amely’s’ Vinyl edit)
10)House of Pain – Jump Around (Dj Amely’s Bootleg)+ NI Maschine
11)Tiesto & Showtek – Hell Yeah!
12)Showtek Justin Prime -Cannonball (Original Mix) + Vinyl


Anur Ajkunic says:


john rojas says:

Nice remix 

Alex Garcia says:

Que CDJ son?

T Bug says:


Adrio Bianchi says:
Mauricio Gudiño says:

creo q me enamore *-* jajaja

juanbjork says:

i get anxious, less is more no?

Dom Goldsworthy says:

no…. stop. 

cristian128bahiaclub says:

and please do not dance hahaha

Hussnie Omar says:


Nicolas S. says:

Great dj and beautiful girl

Tamás Giczi says:

What are those buttons on right bottom corner of cdj’s?

Djane Amely says:

this is soundtrack of movie Amelie Le Fabuleux destin d’Amelie Poulain –
J’y Suis Jamais Alle

Djane Amely says:

thank you:) hope will able to play in your country soon:)

Andrey Penchev says:

2 Decks and a MacBook, all with Traktor and Sync On. Turntable and NI Drum
machine are only briefly used for effects/bass lines/snare lines. Please
don’t make this look more complicated as it really is. If you want to
impress us go 3-4 turntables and a mixer, no macbook.

zolcsye says:

3:20-tól a mixelés az fuck

Bozhidar Belenski says:

im inlove ;(

Joro Marinov says:

Not the best, I’ve heard, but it’s a decent one.

Mariano Fierro says:

Nice sync ! Do you know how to use the pitch ?

Gustavo Urzagasti says:

there are 3 things that make this life worth living: videogames, music
production and dj girls :3 your amazing :))

Djane Amely says:


Djane Amely says:

in few day will post it at soundcloud 🙂 try to find djaneamely channel 🙂

ernes saljic says:

Do you want to be my girl ? 🙂 (Y) nice work baby

wojtek brodala says:

FU*K ! this intro is A M A Z I N G !!! Do you do longer version music of
intro? Please say YES 🙂 If you have, please send me for my e-mail;
Wojtinio97@wp.pl :*

facundo potick says:

Not fake, you can notice how she looks for the kick at min 4.25 🙂

cristian128bahiaclub says:

chueko-h estas en todos lados jaja sos groso!!!!!

Bok Ja Sam Mario says:

u are awesome,I support you nic3 nic3 :))

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