Oldschool Bonzai Records Compilation Mix by Dj Djero

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Oldschool Bonzai Records Compilation Mix by Dj Djero. This ONLY includes records released under the actual ‘Bonzai Records’ label and does not include any of the many sublabels.

Belgian rave, techno, trance and hardtrance label, founded in 1992.


Channel One (0:00)
1. [BR93019] Dream Your Dream – Soushkin (Original Mix)
[BR93041] Thunderball – Bonzai Channel One (Acapella)
2. [BR92008] Final Analyzis – El Punto Final (Power Mix)
3. [BR93028] Yves Deruyter – Rave City (Original Mix)
4. [BR93022] DJ Bountyhunter – Woops (Original Mix)
5. [BRCD93005] DJ Bountyhunter – Demilitarized Zone (Original Mix)
6. [BR93013] Yves Deruyter – Guess Who (Original Mix)
7. [BR93013] Yves Deruyter – …Animals (Remix)
8. [BR93024] Bam-Bam – La Casa (Original Mix)
9. [BR94061] Yves Deruyter – Calling Earth (Original Mix)

The Rebirth (32:45)
10. [BR95077] Phrenetic System IV – Wayferer (Mayday Mix)
11. [BR93024] Jones and Stephenson – The First Rebirth (Original Mix)

The Sequal (41:21)
12. [BR93017] Phrenetic System – The Sequal (Original Mix)
13. [BR92005] Phrenetic System – Reality (Original Mix)
14. [BR94057] DJ Bountyhunter – Aboriginal (Original Mix)
15. [BR93033] Thunderball – Bonzai Channel One (Original Mix)

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Link please! Mokum und BZRK Links are down too. Great Sets Dude! Please
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