Sade Mix by JaBig – 4 Hour Smooth Jazz Playlist Tribute

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Sade Tribute Mix by JaBigPlaylist:

Cherish The Day
Bullet Proof Soul
All About Our Love
Feel No Pain
King Of Sorrow
Soldier Of Love
Somebody Already Broke My Heart
Every Word
Siempre Hay Esperanza
The Sweetest Taboo
When Am I Going to Make a Living
Keep Looking
Cherry Pie
Tar Baby
Kiss of Life
Clean Heart
Turn My Back on You
Punch Drunk [Instrumental]
No Ordinary Love

Nothing Can Come Between Us
Frankie’s First Affair
Bring Me Home
Never as Good as the First Time
Hang on to Your Love
I Will Be Your Friend
Smooth Operator
Slave Song
Your Love Is King
Is It a Crime
Why Can’t We Live Together
By Your Side
The Moon And The Sky
Lovers Rock
In Another Time

I Never Thought I’d See the Day
Love Is Stronger Than Pride
Morning Bird
It’s Only Love That Gets You Through
The Sweetest Gift
The Safest Place
Haunt Me
Mr. Wrong
Give It Up
War of the Hearts
You’re Not the Man
I Couldn’t Love You More
Be That Easy
Long Hard Road
Like a Tattoo


linda d says:

Love this music +Jazz Music………………..

Kevin TheCatMan Hand says:

Yes it’s Friday, so here’s some music for you to enjoy on your weekend ~

(Sade Mix by JaBig – 4 Hour Smooth Jazz Playlist Tribute)

andi smith says:

Happy Friday everyone !!!!
I’m not working not studying I finished my 16hr continuing credits
And passed!!! Yay !!! Friday is a good day ! Nothing but chill & relax !
Sade so great for today

Claudia Velazquez says:

amo a Sade +Jazz Music +Sr. Nos Gusta La Música +Jazz Music 

Zaric Marija says:
ewa kamiska says:

Music from paradise!

Lola Belchí says:

Buena música , apetece!!!.

Jack Reino says:


Joshua Reese says:


la kri says:
Tiffany Uzor says:

Sade is one of the best! Love her music, its timeless. I could listen to
this mix 20 years ago and 20 years from now. Great music. 

GoldenAfrican says:

mmphh that first songgggg

Alexcordero Cordero says:
OrionDenali says:

How can anyone vote Thumbs Down on this mix???? You’re hooked from the

Anelia Kokalinska says:

FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!

Lorena Cano says:

Love her Music. Soooo relaxing love it.

Juliana Rendon says:


John Hill says:

nipsey hussle sound simple that 1st song… CRENSHAW …..

Людмила Соловьева says:

very,very beautiful….

carlos gonzalez says:
Katherine Vavahea Rodriguez-Lea says:

Universal love through her music! Thank you :)

荻野隆 says:

ココロが安らぐ、うーんナイスSONG!! このビートに引き込まれる

Tó Parreira says:


Steve T says:

Where is SADE 2014???? 

Brian R says:

Please don’t make annotations the size of the screen….very annoying when
we try to pause

Emilio Garoglio says:


Victor Piriz says:

Sade Mix by JaBig – 4 Hour Smooth Jazz Playlist Tribute

je99na2 says:

Saw her last 2009 in Miami She had a cold but it still was a memorable

Deborah Wright says:

There will be no other than SADE. from Steve in Pcola Florida

Ajizzle Prodeje says:

Sade is a legend. 4 hours of greatness 

Natalie Vidal says:
Ibrahima BAH says:

Sweet song in the mornig!!! THX JABIG for the mix

Sunday davis says:

I love how you blended these so well into one
another…..beautiful….thank you….

Marquis Hardnett says:

She gets drugged up before she makes some of these songs ik she do because
it sounds ten times better high!

Jackie Alvarado says:

What a beautiful mix….I love Sade!

Hollis James says:

JaBig Mix with Sade is a smooth mix. 

Milossis Liriano says:

Love sade

Jos Thienpondt says:

zeker niet slecht

矢野健太郎 says:

love all tracks.

Giuseppe Penna says:

\ .. //
. ( .@.@ )
| |
| Enjoy funky dude’s. |
| . |
Good DJ !!!!

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