Showtek – We Like To Party (Original Mix)

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Dutch producer duo Showtek officially introduce their new record label ‘Skink’ to the world with their new single ‘We Like To Party’. A crowd pleaser of epic proportions with a super catchy main riff! Make sure you get your hands on this one, it has the word HIT written all over it!

Hardwell : ‘Support’
David Guetta : ‘Awesome!
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike : ‘Played in our radioshow’
Nicky Romero : ‘Very fat!’
Afrojack : ‘Support’
Calvin Harris : ‘Supporting’
W&W : ‘Support in our radioshow’
Martin Garrix : ‘Woooooow!’
Sebastian Ingrosso : ‘Supporting!’
Dada Life : ‘Bomb!’
Sander van Doorn : ‘Supported in my Identity radioshow’
Dyro : ‘Awesome!’
Diplo : ‘Fun with it!’
R3hab : ‘AMAZING!’
Blasterjaxx : ‘Full support’
Ummet Ozcan : ‘Bomb! Love the Showtek sound!’
Example : ‘Another smash!’
Austin Kramer / Sirius XM : ‘FUNK yez! Another massive tune!’

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Danish goat says:

Words can’t contain how many good and fucking crazy memories I have to this
song. Love Showtek! <3 xx 

Bass Boosts says:

Is this copyrighted?

Sibonyzz says:

Sounds like Darude – Sandstorm.

cuvkiller says:

What the fuck happened to showtek?

Juan Gomez says:

esto parece dubstep ¿o es dubstep?

Rhynorune says:

Apex Predator!

Mintlaced || Sophia says:

I had no idea so many people hated big room… honestly is it fun to
dance/fist pump to a little fairy trance song at a rave? No. Shut up stop
complaining or just leave. BIG ROOM FOR LIFE. also somebody mentioned how
something doesn’t have to be complex for it to sound good, damn fucking
right it doesn’t! it’s what appeals to the ears, if you all want to make
such a big deal about detail then go make your own music see how far that
gets you. this is where the party’s at and it’s here to stay. (btw i like
all genres of edm I was just stating a fact about trance up there) PEACE

Helms472388 says:

Where can I download this song? It isn’t available in the US iTunes store.
Thank you to whom ever answer’s this question! 

Javier Quezada says:


Univer3eTwist3ers says:

Anyone remember when showtek used to do hardstyle?

daniel123djj says:

sounds kinda like tsunami

Noel Morales says:

Vaya, Asta que no hay una canción de Spinnin Records que diga: “vengo por
Antes este canal era de fans de EDM ahora un alto porcentaje son niños que
no conocen ni lo que significa EDM. >.<

CanalBryanxz✮Tutoriales&Dubstep✮ says:

¿Que paso con la electronica de antes?

Antes era mejor

Ilona Onhema says:

Showtek ❤

Yamashita says:

Wow, Showtek doesn’t really know how to make music anymore, shit EDM music,
the beat is only 1 1 1 1, miss the old music.

SundownAudio-Holland says:

I like how Ummet Ozcan produced this beat :D

Empherial says:

How did I find this?!

Isac Pettersson says:

2:53 the only good part of this song

alexis tremblay says:

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Jorge Kop says:

Vengo aqui por elrubiusomg (8 oh espera aun no usa esta cancion xD vayanse
a la verga niños rata 

varun terdal says:

What’s the deal with EDM and reptiles. Snake, Viper, Cobra and in this I
saw a snake of some sort. 

J3TPILOT1991 says:

nobody has ever made a blue tongue lizard so damn cool haha

TECKTONIK720 says:

what says at drop?
sorry i dont speak english

Curtis Jackson says:

why does everyone hate on his new music?
i been a fan of showtex since 2008 and ye hes new music is different from
his old music and people have different tastes on it
but you guys got to remember he still has to make money and he sees what
genre of electronic music is making the most success which is big room
house or EDM what ever you wanna call it
i love his old and new EDM is like the cousin to hardstyle 

Quwer says:

not bad

syntaxed2 says:

I dont care what style Showtek produces…he and his buddy are one of those
groups that can turn shit into gold and make almost anything sound good.
Good producers dont pidgeon hole themselves to one genre, they are good at

Pato patrick Jorge says:

this is orgasm of music 

Dheevesh M says:




Jhovany Hidalgo says:

We like to Darude – Sandstorm 

Alex Zapata says:

>:( Why must every big time DJ have to sound like this.
I give up lol i’ll stick to hardstyle (done right) and hardcore….

DxTV says:

Memories :3 

David Hayes says:

This song is sexy

Pakis arapakis says:

Parapapam Parapapam parapapapam

Vae Hansen says:

Wait so when exactly did Showtek step out of the Hardstyle scene?

Graca says:

Can someone send me the link to the electro/dubstep video where a zombie is
in a bike and has a similiar sound to this one? I don’t like dubstep but
that one is the only that I really liked

Yolo Bot says:

The Slander remix is 10x better than this

Natalia Elizabeth Alonso Chavez says:

Mix: Showtek – We Like To Party (Original Mix): Showtek – We Like To Party
(Original Mix)

Edvin Games says:

Do you guys see the troll-face at 6:09?

Hache Miralrio says:

Like si vienes por el Rubius ;D

Gamerz4everz says:

i came here because of yo face looks like a buttcrack

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