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stalkerlohh says:

too fucken complicated…

Handistnice den says:

i dont understand this ;0

DeephouseM2 says:

SIMPLE DJ LESSON ON PHRASE MIXING BY ELLASKINS THE DJ TUTOR @ellaskins #dj #phrase #mixing #tutorial

sirch one says:

On person will never have clean mixes.. stop hating.

Ex0rz says:

I can make it simple for everybody… Usually every tune uses the same
formula. A section is 99% of the time 16 bars. Also its 99% of the time
there is some sort of change when the section starts. You dont necessarily
need to count the phrases but you can just count the seconds. If the
sections of two tunes are both the same lenght in seconds you can easily
mix the sections together from start to finish.

Deep & Future House says:

I know what you mean but if I was starting off I would be lost

Jose Silva says:

All these lessons are good stuff. I remember in the early 80’s when I
figured all this things by myself. BPM, counting beats/bars, intro’s,
acapellas, cues, breakdown’s, dub versions, etc. Learned to mix using two
different brand belt drive turntables with no pitch and a 2 channel pyramid
mixer. Many years later, the first time I bought a set of 1200’s and a
Numark PPD mixer I didn’t want to go to sleep. ;)

ellaskins says:
Ian Saunders says:

Thanks for the video. Any idea how you would know when the last 16 bars are
coming in on pioneer 350s? I know you could count them for the intro but,
how would you do it on the fly for the outro?

heartlesscrew says:

if you cant understand that id seriously consider trying anew hobby

Jewish Montana says:


Shubham Chaturvedi says:

That was a great demonstration and that’s when we say Jonathan is a
professional tutor. 😀 Thank you so much.

ALan Barrett says:

It means that in dance music phrases are made up of 16 bars. dropping your
new track on the first beat of the 16 bar phrase will mean your mixing will
be locked in and the 16 bar phrases are aligned. Professional mixing. You
can count 1234 2234 and so on of the out going track and on the 16,234 drop
and they are aligned. You will need to count to get used to this but after
a while you will know naturally to drop it in when you become more talented
and musical.

Keanu Quaresma says:

one of the most essential things to learn wehn mixing. Been doing this for
a while now. I only discovered it myself by accident when i was comparing
tracks. Something very weird to find but whwen you find it and understand
it it all makes sense 

DJChrisFish says:

Great advice from J again. Fundamentally the main point here is know your
songs inside out. Work out how many bars in a phrase and where the phrases
begin and end. It was easier in the past when DJs had fewer tracks to
choose from and learn inside out, but even now with a little effort it’s
still possible :-)

Egils Aleksejevs says:

You’d never loose momentum if mixing like dis cool advice

Adrian Hill says:

Yet again a great nugget of knowledge, thanks John.

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