Smooth Soulful House Music DJ Mix by JaBig (2013 HD Deep Vocal Playlist) – DEEP & DOPE 216

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DEEP & DOPE 216 Playlist Tracklisting:

Take Me with You (feat. Rachel Fraser) Tony Lionni
The Blast (feat. Rob Harvey) [Flow & Zeo Remix] X-Press 2
Take A Stand Marissa Guzman
My Heart Belongs to You (Distant Music Mix) Melba Moore
Try Me (Grand Masters Re-Groove) Sweet X Sour
Smile (Shur-i-kan Future Vox) Mistura, Joey Negro, Kendra Cash
Warning (Rhemi Main Mix) Rhemi, Lynn Lockamy
Mysterious (Richard Earnshaw Vocal) Random Soul
Fizzy Steve Mill
I Wonder Nathan Adams
Only You [feat. Lucy Randell] Guy Robin
Paradise (Gianluca Pighi & Massimo Paramour Rework) Mustafa, Oscar P, Marcus Pearson
About Love (Sean McCabe Alt Vocal Dubbed) Groove Assassin, Kenny Bobien
Truth (I Know You Are Beautiful) [DJ Man-X & ReelSoul “Sunset Nights” Mix] Sterling Ensemble
So Clear (Future Dub) Spiritchaser
Moment (Atjazz Re-Fix) Musaria feat. Saturna
Rocker (Spiritchaser Remix) Erin Leah and N’Dinga Gaba
Time to Go (Black Coffee Remix) Marissa Guzman
This Is How it Goes (Black Coffee Remix) Goldfish
Twice (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Mix) Little Dragon
Midnight Solaris Heights
New Jersey Deep (SWAG Edit) Black Science Orchestra


PIOSystems says:

Good Mix! Thx!

cableaccesslover says:

This is the true house music that is overlooked due to electo, techno and
rave etc which people I guess in good faith people mistake for. 

ThousandShakes says:

love this shit

GjestarOfficial says:

Now THIS is house! None of that “edm” garbage. This is what has been
lacking in recent years. Good job!! I really enjoyed the mix 🙂 

RedMoonRising24 says:

Another beautiful, amazing mix! You’re very talented!!

Corey Dawkins says:

JaBig my brother, you certainly know which tunes to pull to set the blasted
place on fire. I loving the tune at 1:06:10; About Love, nice and smooth.
Having a blast of a time man. Wonderfully great music as always. Keep ’em
coming brother!

Lena Curtis says:

Psalm Deep and Dope 216: 119:45. In this house music we pray. Hopefully
more folks will go to church like I do, on a daily basis 🙂 

TheAtuocool says:

You’re right. I was there in the early days of house and a lot of the stuff
coming out now has no soul and is removed from its funk, soul and disco
roots. Its just super hard and sounds like it was made in 5 minutes minus
any inspiration. JaBig really understands house music.

ravenoptima1 says:

Housin’ up my WORLD!!!! 

TheChenza05 says:


Harry Beckwith says:

Nice work dude, helping me get through work ! Keep the mixes coming

sonwabo mtyekwana says:

the name of the first track. i love deep houseeeeeee

Fredriko Frelix says:

this dude is spinnin hi a…s off!!

Jahny Gruesome says:

Hell of a mix. Im impressed. Keep up the good work.

Anthony Pedraza says:

shout outs from chicago! luvin da mix! 

RUDEBOY Shotta says:

I need a cd

PrinceTheSigma says:

So I walk through the desert. Thirsty and all I see are pools of salt
water called Techno. So I walk past it, dying of thirst and come across a
fruit tree. So I bite into a fruit and immediately spit the contents out
as the juices were filled with Rave. I finally made it to my Oasis. House
Music. House Music. Larry Levan type of House. True House Music!! We
are a rare breed.

lee king says:

JaBig you know how to WORK a passage of song until it is up in one’s
spirit. I truly feel this music like I have not felt music in years!

Joseph Davis says:

Nice mix

Euphoria Groove says:

Pleaaaase playlist! 🙂 

L. Dijon Anderson says:

This is some good house. Relaxing.

LordPowerful7 says:

Still doing the damn thing JaBee….. West Village NYC shout out Brother…
Stellar Work….!!!

Franco Ferrini says:
Kevin Settle says:

How this is house, house. 

stanley kee says:

I love this mix list.. Over the Top!!

Ronny Roman says:
Franco Ferrini says:
Jason Cirullo says:

Best spinner in da world mr jabig fuck tiesto this is the best .

Pimms Brooke says:

Amazing house mix!! 

Jon Earle says:

Dammmnn “The Blast” is harrrrrrrrrrrd!

Geo buzz says:

yes !!

Devon Teller says:

Man this whole mix is jammin…

Stephanie Lincoln says:
Justin Green says:

Wonderful mix, makes me cry!

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