Tony Junior DJ Set (Live At Spinnin’ Records HQ)

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Tony Junior doing a live set in the Spinnin’ Records HQ studio. Subscribe to Spinnin’ TV NOW:


MichaelParkerPRODUCTIONS says:

Why don’t DVBBS do one of these?? Oh wait..

D.V says:

How to make that sound in 2nd song?

Official Shuffle says:

9:30 cagada monumental xD siempre pasa 

thomsonn official says:

0:43 track name?

Niels Nagelhout says:

Haha Steen

Pablo Tenreiro Lorenzo says:


eulises caballero says:

6:34 ?????

vicente martinez belloso says:

First song name?

TeseracT Mishka says:

dedimisis trakma su eg ukravs exla raa yle vis atyuebs es siri

Roderick van es says:

ik zoek vette gigs voor house of hardstyle.
weet iemand nog iets leuks?

Yanuel Morales says:

Is the best dj set ever i love the intro.!

Meyver Vargas says:

gran intro

ThubVideos says:

can i find the tung remix somewhere without the mashup? 

filip hájek says:
luciano ios says:

1n con oliver

Manos Papanicolaou says:

gg tony junior!!!

Joris Kooistra says:

wauww dat shirt 😮 hatelijk gewoon :’)

RachRose says:

fuc*ing good :D

Marnick Schoutsen says:

zoo goed!

Vince Lowet says:

je moeder is een spashelo

DJ Hight E says:

Not feelin the shirt

Oprut Dan says:

Like Laidback Luke

Francesco Giacometti says:


NitroNeus says:


DJ NOV says:


Vince Lowet says:

kanker mongool

GodSin G says:

KRK’s g2 8s Rock and there hella good for how much they cost one of the
best if you ask me both in mid and high lows and highs sound soo clean and
iv’e had the JBL’S also that cost 650 for each speaker i yet have to hear
something thats under 2000 bucks that beats the KRK’s now they have 12’s
and 15’s as sub woofers i have the 8’s and a 12 sub and the whole house
rumbles lol no matter how high you turn it up it will never lose its
cleanness !!!

Juan Miguel says:

Viking will sparks

Matthias Luchs says:

Yesssss nice Set
And awsome Shirt STEEN !!!

Markus A. says:

1.Gregor Salto vs Deniz Koyu – Tung azumba (id Mashup)
2.Diplo – Set It Off feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex (Sleepy Tom Remix)
3.D.O.D – More Cowbell (Original Mix)
4.Showtek,Noisecontrollers – Get loose (Tiesto Remix)
5.Will Sparks – The viking (Original Mix)
6.Carnage & Borgore – Incredible (Original Mix)
7.Knife Party – Lrad (Original Mix)
8.Sander van doorn – joyenergizer/ w bonkers
9.Tony Junior – Nobody beats the f*cking drums (Original Mix)
10.Tony junior – Wake up (Original Mix)
11.Nari & Milani ft. nicci – Vago (Original Mix)
12.Tony Junior – PAWG (Original Mix)
13.Knife Party – EDM death machine (Original Mix)
14.Tube & Berger – Imprint of pleasure (Original Mix)

Hope i could help you guys ;)

Tribal Guarachero says:


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