Trap Music Mix 2013 || (Rave Mix) DJ R3Z

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Trap Music Mix 2013 – October Festival Trap Music Mix
16 Year Old Canadian DJ. Got a huge mix here with a hyped up video. Throwing in some huge trap tracks and a little taste of hardstyle at the end. Enjoy.
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1. Bingo Players vs MAKJ vs Lookas & Clips x Ahoy – Cry Springen (R3Z Mashup)

2. Delayers & Acti – Fusion (Z3D vs. Delayers Trap Remix)

3. thefaded. – Back At It

4. Monsters with Tiny Mustaches – Girl

5. Carnage x Tony Junior – Michael Jordan (LOUDPVK Remix)

6. Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (Ookay Remix)

7. Showtek – Booyah! (Party Favor’s Festival Trap Remix)

8. Yellow Claw – 21 Bad Bitches (Onderkoffer Remix)

9. DJ Fresh vs Diplo – Earthquake (LNY TNZ & Yellow Claw Remix)
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Trap music has undoubtedly taken over electronic music in the last few months. It’s rise in popularity has been compared to the explosions of dubstep and moombahton when they first arrived on the scene.

So what is trap music? Well, if you mixed hip hop, house, and dub in a blender, and accented it with snappy snares and hi-hats, loud kicks, and booming bass, you’d end up with something really close to trap music in it’s basic form (read more at Stoney Roads).

Despite it’s recent spike in fame, trap music has actually been around for a long time. It’s origins can be traced back to the 80s and 90s when producers were chopping and screwing 808 beats, sippin’ sizzurp, and stayin’ strapped in the streets of The South. In 2003, T.I. even named his second artist album Trap Musik. Gucci Mane’s Brick Squad Records began releasing their Trap-A-Holics mixtape series a few years later, and producers like Lex Luger were making the trap sound their calling card in the rap game (read more at MiamiNewTimes).

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Trap Music Mix 2013 – October Festival Trap Music Mix


DJ R3Z says:

NEWEST 2014 TRAP MIX!! Trap Music Mix 2014 – January Festival Trap Music
Mix || (X2SEA Mix) DJ R3Z

DJ R3Z says:

Newest Trap Mix Up! Trap Music Mix 2013 – December Festival Trap Music Mix
|| Raver Holiday Special (Crazy Mix) DJ R3Z 

Nathan Chau says:

If you listen to it with headphone it sounds good

bedavelli says:

What is this song at 6:30??

Brian Cain says:

Every girl that raves is hot…prove me wrong!

The Dunez says:

This is disgusting!! Horny teenagers 

omgjuliansonthetube says:

this isnt trap music

kryssy gaming09 says:

song at 7:05 plz

J- YO says:

Geez so many white people

Linke Loetje says:

@where are this parties….i want 2 go there….:)

Armoured Rat says:

wow, so this is what happens when america finally meets raves. Scary

Euan Scott says:

Hey guys! Uploaded a rave song onto my channel, if you guys could check it
out I would be forever greatful?:3

Zulaikha Azizan says:


PvP Loser says:

My friend is a big DJ and i got to play one of my songs at a rave and the
crowd lost it the went harder then ive ever seen thats why i aspire to do
more music on my page +DJ Payn 

beto dojyny says:

woooooooooooo partyyyyyyy!!!!!!

Виталий Солодовников says:

мля второй на 0:55 минуте ? что за трек ?

Wannes Daneels says:

can someone tell me what song it is on 6:00

Jalen Reyes says:

This isn’t rave music it’s EDC festival music lol most of you guys don’t
even know what real rave music is 

Brian Moffatt says:

lol- 7:50

Isaac Lee says:

19 minutes and 45 seconds of disappointed fathers 

Виталий Солодовников says:

самый первый трек ??? 

Yishimayaru Aion says:

Vry nice music gz 

Casey Clark says:

bro this is so live wat studio do you use

Matdogg2k says:

Let’s pop some pills! Woohoooo

kryssy gaming09 says:

every ones like dang fuc da policeee

Pravin Bajwa says:

song at 10:20 ?

Вова Шуер says:

Круто )

Gameplays LB says:

And here I am 13 yrs old, Nothing fun to do and there are people that are
in raves and I have to wait years until I get to

Jonathon Prouse says:

who’s that dancer in the white top that says “high” in the red glasses at

lawrence massaro says:

oh plus its a trippy ass vid everyones on X and all bunch of shit

templetonbob says:

Someone give me the differences between trap, dubstep, rave, and
progressive house music genres. Would be much appreciated.


yea dat mix is goot but dat one is better

4kvat says:

There is nothing mildy “Rave” about this. Pure radio fodder. Nothing to see
here people, keep moving.

AgedNation says:

if a dj played this exact mix at a rave shit would go down ! this is the
real shitt right here!

doefie says:

Does anyone know the name of the song at 3:41 ?? please =D

Alec Saunaitis says:

What song is at 5:00 ?? Really nice beat..please help haha

Emmanuel Sarabia says:

good vibes

MrOrphanscasket says:

16:30 is hardstyle, what? this is a trap mix

Tyler Durden says:

Whats the name of the song that starts at 4:46- 5:00?

Davie Isvain says:

song @ 5:05 ???!!!!

magicmomentsify says:

this is rave on steroids, cant beat the old school though

420WayHigh says:

4:30 that dudes shirt is funny as hell haha..”fuck bitches cure cancer”

WeeisdumbGaming says:


Damir Alijevic says: haha rave 😀 Login and listen best music :D

ebony irby says:

Song at 9:04???

David Smith says:

4:36 is the start of audio porn…

isTaskus says:


KhAoTiiC Bennett says:

5:00 what song is it? 

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