TurntableU.com Lesson – DJ Loczi – Creative Mixing

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karou bdc says:

Which models.are those turntables?

sam robbie says:

thanks bro it was very informatica

karou bdc says:

Which models.are those turntables?

rolf rafael chuquija flores says:

fascinating…thanks at all..

rolf rafael chuquija flores says:

Thank you dj Loczi …very instructve lesson…Now I’m up and ready …

Dj.romeo@gmail.com Romeo says:

Men,u are so so good…keep doing it so that we can learn more and more
from your lessons………….

dta1974 says:
Johnny Park says:

DJ Loczi u are my hero

Damont Batchelor says:

Fantastic tutorial for newbie DJ’s.

tia savana says:

excellent tutorial, very helpful for different transition!

Alsirrom100 says:

Great advice and easy to follow,

alexndroogs says:

Does anyone know what desk he’s using? Thanks

Dionysus112790 says:


PhilosBias2000 says:

Big ups on M.O.M’s and thanks fo da tutorials

nax247 says:


djspanish jesus says:


Nikolay Nikolov says:

Nice and classic!!! Thumbs up!

djRELLS1 says:

Good tips for those of you learning. Very well explained. big ups LOCZI!

ruslanio says:

Good tips, easy to understand.

basslineJR says:

maybe he’d previously set their BPM. the pitch on the turntables are in a
different position as you can see in the vid.

DjKerupt says:

does the songs have to be the same BPM for these tricks ?

ptesls818 says:

very good teacher

DJ EVOL says:


Derek DiLeo says:

It’s not blue…just looks that way

PhilosBias2000 says:

Gotcha on master of da mix..so big up on a differnt way to teach u made all
da cents n da wrld with learning in many ways..I can’t thnkk u enuff..but
thnks sinsay “you is a Masta”

karimbaba12 says:

He is using a Rain TTM 57

aly0512 says:

thanks heappppps man get mine tomorrow, very good tips

DJMajestic1234 says:

How did you get the Serato background to be blue?

DJ EVOL says:


djandrewmichael says:

Tks Loczi..

Ryan Taber says:

I think to really be a popular dj you must also be a producer

Shai Avital says:

great video for beginners!

basslineJR says:

Great man, very well explained i’m trying them out right now Big ups from

kartaggen says:

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field, told me that most of the best music composing softwares are hiding
from public. Listen to this A friend of mine working with Axwell said this
software is the bomb for big beats and crazy effects. you can get it here
==> bit.ly/O188u7?=bcwrko

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