TurntableU.com Lesson – DJ Shortee – Intro / Mixing Basics / Baby Scratch

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DJ Shortee goes over the basics… what you’ll need to do to start mixing. She breaks down the basic DJ set up and equipment used. Shortee also talks about how to hold the record, as well as how to do the Baby Scratch.



Schuren met handje en laat de computer ma lekker werken. Doe dat eens
zonder je pc

Dio Rainbow Sabbath says:

Hey if I sign up for these courses will I benefit If I’m just using Traktor
Pro 2 with a USB Controller?

TaskmanComputing says:

Nice skills! Your scratching is a lot better than mine!

Michael Daugherty says:

She’s one of my favorite dj. I think that she has great turntable skills
and that she doesn’t have to rely on her looks even though she is very
pretty. I respect her a lot. Keep up the good work. 

omgblk23 says:

Really appreciated this video. it really demystified a lot about basic
mixing. Very in depth and interesting, thanks.

whoddaya says:

~4:30 “‘cuz you’ll look really stupid,” haha!

Da Revoolver says:

you serious? shes been around since the 90s

DJOMGCarlos says:

Awesome, this is the vid that got me to sign up to your site

DjFlow Lmc says:

smh so now everybody thinks they can dj by waching this video?? please jump
of a bridge,this is nothing but disrespectful to us dj’s you want to learn
how to dj go to a real academy instead of graduating from youtube

Dj Quez Mixology says:

Nice and easy. I like how DJ Shortee broke down for ya. Baby scratching
don’t go to far or you will look silly!!! lol

DJ Dominator says:

whats up jen this is dominic are you doing ok

thunderkat9503 says:

she’s the best!

Fermented Batfarts says:

Shortee is damn dope

snipecor2000 says:

see im not knocking what she is doing specially if its helping people but
it makes me sad the way people treat the kraft. to each his own and i wont
go into too much detail of what bugs me about this but yes you dont wanna
burn the motor out to your turntable and your using a tech well first off
techs have one of the best drives and torque for pick up and if you hold
the record the slipmat will keep the table spinning while you hold the
record in place without scratching the record

aj navanes says:

i lke this nice

youlossy says:

Thanks djshortee that was very helpfull.. Fuk da haters

Slim Biggins says:

i love her. marry me

karimbaba12 says:

What song is she using ?!

Musikstudiomaker says:


DJ Dominator says:

i got a new work phone you can 1(248)977-6003

merciless41582 says:

I love me some Shortee though I’m going to have to Negotiate with Faust to
let me spend a night with her lMAO JP but she is pretty though I saw a
Documentary called MIXTRESS X and they interviewed her and she said that
someone said GET THAT WHITE GIRL OFF THE STAGE lol talk about harsh shit

truesouljs says:

There is a british dj called short-e. Her user name is shorterocks or she
has another channel on youtube called studio scratches.

GeneralDavroar says:

Wondering what song she was using..

aaace1978ify says:

basic DJing?? Wheres the crates of records.. Fuck the technology ! i guess
she just started a year ago.

daruwana shiloba says:

dj shortee i want to learn how cn dat b possible pls send me a message

D. Muhammad Shabazz says:

This is great for the newbee. Back in1984 (my Hey Day)there were no lessons
or schools unless it was in communications and of course, “Scratching” was
“TABOO” or the ghetto BLACK DJ THING. I know. I was there. Many learned
form just ’emulating’ and trial and error w/ Radioshack gear, Numark and
Gemini if you could get it through a catalog or luck up in New York.

Den80p says:

that song is Soo Catchy!!

PhilosBias2000 says:


Cliff Bullard says:

Keep going dj shortee

merciless41582 says:

Real Female DJs DJ Kayper, DJ D, Tyra from Saigon, DJ Raichous, DJ Chela,
DJ K Styles, DJ Killa Jewel etc. Fake Female DJs DJ Tina T DJ Shortee Oh
also, the real DJ Short-e is from the UK who can mix and scratch better
than this bitch

karimbaba12 says:

What is she using ?!

MegaPopiss says:

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz

Lee Polcak says:

If anyone has a good easy way to transition between a large bpm diff lemme
know… im trying to tie in a house track…. Levels( i know horrible lol
but crowd fav) and something like drake now were here… so prolly 128bpm
to 90 bpm any advice?

rlafontant88 says:

wow i lv you u wock baby wow

michael44drums says:

who gave that bitch turntables ?

ryan cremin carroll says:

what song is she using

SSiadat187 says:

I love dj shortee

merciless41582 says:

She is highly overrated the only reason she’s famous is because she’s
Faust’s wife and he be getting her gigs and shit DJ Kayper from the UK will
shit on this woman now Kayper is the best female DJ in the world even Jazzy
Jeff said that.

Adriann1973 says:

Shannon look at you!

Chris Savage says:

How about I learn to DJ by practicing in my home over and over again. You
probably don’t even use records. Stfu and give people a chance.

tom r says:

who uses windows? mac>

merciless41582 says:

@lorenzo52877 First of all, I can quote whoever the fuck I want especially
a legend DJ like DJ Jazzy Jeff Second, nobody is hating on this ugly ass
bitch. She can’t mix she can only scratch face it muthafucka. Also, if you
are going to call someone a hater you better have decent typing skills and
talk shit on the net are fuckin faggots and dykes THAT IS ALL

djstig says:

Any idea where I can get that flight case?

Brandon Ah says:

She wasn’t mixing in timecode…those aren’t Serato records!! Just because
the computers there doesn’t mean she’s using it!

FuMMoD says:

You’re a fucking idiot thats a real vinyl record.

thebetterhalf37 says:

@merciless41582 thats bullshit son. look up dj shortee’s Coffee Cuts
practice session on youtube. its in the suggestions. and way to be an
online troll. im sure your really cool in person too.

sebastien longo says:

good advices ! thanks a lot 🙂

lorenzo52877 says:

@merciless41582 shut the fuck up hater and stop “quoting” what other people
say, your just a fucking jelouse wanna be and you need to go fuck
yourself…. again shut the fuck up… that is all!!!!!

bizzybonex60 says:

Great videos !

BtrayinMF says:

I thought DJ Shortee was british?

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