Ultimate Techno Dance konijnendans Compilation – Rave and Shuffle

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PART 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay1z9kFOF4k
I found some really nice videos on facebook and made a mix of it. This is how people nowadays dance on techno music.
Thanks for watching!

Most music is deep house and some techno.

Dutch name: konijnendans
Head High – It’s A Love Thing (Piano Invasion)
Mark D Funktion – Call Me Fliss (Original Mix)
Kiesza – Hideaway
Paul mad – connecting ntfo remix
Low steppa – quarantaine
Robert Hood – Alarm
Niko Schwind feat. Heartbeat – Perfect Fit (Proud Remix)
Gregor Tresher – Warpaint (Original Mix)
Kerri Chandler – You are in my system
Hard House Banton – Sirens

Awakenings TomorrowLand

Techno dance moves
Dont worry, be techno
raven is leven
This Adorable Babe Is An Incredible Dancer
This Adorable Babe Is An Incredible Dancer
“This Adorable Babe Is An Incredible Dancer”
‘This Adorable Babe Is An Incredible Dancer’


TheArrowmax says:

I made a new compilation, better view on how to do this shuffle. Enjoy!
Rave and Shuffle on Deep House / Techno – Konijnendans Compilation 2 

TheArrowmax says:

JAAA! heb dat nummer van die chick op 0:20
Mark D Funktion – Call Me Fliss (Original Mix)

anita osuch says:

am i the only one who think that this dance looks like shit

Ann Hirro says:

What is this dance called?

Sly Impact says:

reason why i love this

it looks cool and everyone can do it.

Quick2000 says:

You don’t have the song listed here that starts at the .45 second mark.
Please let me know the name

Evokyr says:

Not every song here is techno, there is some tech-house, deephouse / house
in there aswell.
Btw what the track ID at 1:16?

Terrance b says:

song 0:45 ?

D christos says:

love .45-1.00min the guy using the ATM bopping away LOL
reminds of some of the places i use to go too

Dave Rojas says:

I only saw two kinds of dancing. California Style Shuffle and one guy
dancing rebolation. The rest either were doing their own thing like you
should at a rave, or they sucked at shuffling. By the way, I heard
absolutely no techno whatsoever. It was either house or trance. Yeah… If
you actually heard Tekno, you would think its shit. You posers are behind
on everything. You dance to the music… you should be letting art move

Raymon Dumont says:

Hoe leer je dit? How do you teach this??

pandaaa22 says:

guys, pls whats the name of the track from @ 0:20 ?

GamingDJ says:

song at 0:50 ?

Bjorn Pauwels says:

Iemand die weet welk nummer op 1:00 start ?

Patrik Jedlička says:

+Marek Dvořák +Martina Široká těšíte se na apo?:) Ta druhá mařka je

iLor3 says:

First track ID?

Naomi Vermaat says:

Song at 2:55 ?

danj945 says:


Glenn Miles says:

How can i learn this?

mynameisreggiexp says:

cutting shapes lijkt er wel veel op.

novacaneed says:

who is the girl at 1:00 can someone give me the original video?

Lnaylor16 says:

what is the track at 1:40 ?

Hey Carmen says:

Shoutout to all the people how are asking the name of the songs. Its all
written in the description. Check it out and stop asking questions about
the song.

Myles Enriquez says:

Anyone know song at 3:58??

Render Bastiaansen says:

weet iemand die track op 3:15, abnormaal lekker

Leoul D says:

ID for the first track and the one starting at 0:45 pleeease !

nicktastic says:

can anyone tell me exactly what dance/dance style the guy at 0:46 is
dancing? don’t be dumb and tell me its shuffle or jerk please.. :)

Fisnik Abdyli says:

Is there a tutorial for how to rave or sth. Cant find anything…

Romy Isabell says:

Thank’s alot!

Deep House says:

song id @2:37?

Daniel Staehle says:

Whats the song name 4:44? pls

noura znagui says:

song 00:46???

TheU2ubert says:

1:15 – 1:37 track ID?

Ella Muldoon says:

It’s called shuffling I think it’s kind of new 

reneramboo123 says:


RRS says:

The best dance in the whole wide world !!!!!

Zenkiru888 says:

song @ 2:55 ?

☆ SJ ☆ says:

Whats the chill song in the very end clip called?

substyle crew says:

What is the name of the third song pls ?

Christian Castaneda says:

I’d fuck her. (First blond)

Joe Wwilson says:

And we see then end result of that ” river dance” infestation years ago. An
entire generation ruined! Just kidding, these people are AMAZING dancers!

Александр Бессонов says:

3:47 track ID?

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