Utopia (Psychill Ambient DJ Mix)

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01. Entheogenic – Love Letters To The Soul
02. Kuba – Build A Fire
03. Mindphoria – The Picture
04. Flict – Orientation
05. Bluetech – Avatar of The Horticult
06. Krusseldorf – Pouncer
07. Abakus – Nightdub
08. Uth – Ethereal Dream
09. Kuba – Little Mountain
10. Krusseldorf – Teachings Of Old
11. Krusseldorf – A Head under the Towel

Running Time: 1:11:11

Mixed by Psy-Baba


Michel CARPENTIER says:

Voici un autre morceaux de musique pour la journée d’hier (coupure : pour
des mises à jours). Michel.

Zoran Francuski says:
Kensuke Karaki says:

Utopia (Psychill Ambient DJ Mix)
by Floor Essence

psyhokinetik says:
Joe Horton says:

Where is Jessica Hyde…

Zoe Mon says:

I like that you animated the water and lighting effects. much better then a
staic image with a wave ripple effect

Yvonne Jentsch says:

I find it very creative, sounds different as other examples of the same
genre. I like it a lot. Great composition.

NeonAstral says:

I don’t believe that “soul is there to worship a deity”
That is a no for me

EdgyFuckwad says:

Why the fuck can’t I reply to comments on here that are just 1 week old?
Fuck this commenting system.

Mr. Hater says:

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆100% Dreams 0:37.00min.
I love it…♡♡♡

EmRys says:

Thank you very much. I’m pleased. ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Mr. Hater says:

Danke wirklich danke für diese Musik ich kann dabei endlich sehr gut
schlafen und träumen…

Jez Stukley says:

Does anybody know where I can find the picture that starts at 10:07 ? 🙂 So

Louis Bothma says:

Like !

ArtSascha says:

Awesome channel 

Antonio Regalado says:
Razique Mahroua says:

Great one!

Darren Montoya says:

Would have been nice without the gay ass singing and animal sounds its
psychill not soundscapes of the forest people.

Martin Cornad says:

love the Lost samples lol

Ekrem Tos says:

My heart says: ♥ Be careful how you let your hurt effect you. It can cause
bitterness and isolation, or it can be used for revelation & determination.
Give your hurt wings to fly away. Its your choice! choice! ℒℴѵℯ ~ Peace &
Butterfly Blessings Always ♥♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ h t t p s: // w w w
.youtube.com/user/keepfaith777?feature=g-high-bul I agree with KeepFaith777
on 15 January 2013 Friendly thanks to KeepFaith777 who always recommended
lovely melodies! Special thanks to my heart 777 !

illhorse says:

29:35 <3

Abram Oses says:

Abakus- Nightdub 🙂

Donna Kido says:

Absolutely beautiful!!!

mortong83 says:

Great, thanks a lot for the uploading and the help 🙂 See you in the City
of Glass just around the future 😉

Pedro Santos says:

30.00 to 40.00 = Masterpiece! charisma

mycal64 says:

The internet – the place where religion comes to die.

imixatrixx says:

Mother nature created us how interesting and who created mother
nature??just curious

Kasey Brown says:

How are you still alive?

tom d says:

accept humble feelings with brilliance and you will need to do nothing else
– namaskar

Andrevv108 says:

The object, the subject and the act of viewing are inseparable. One nondual
system. Similar to the dream…

2ndgypsyrose says:

the first awesome meditation experience i had i was listening to this.its
my favorite…..beautiful…thank you! blessings!

44MagHollow says:

Nice work my man if you don’t mind me calling you that, this is really good
stuff. The waterfall looks more smooth in 720p Technical problems on
youtube not you


00:25 nice

angelahawk athens says:

accept brilliance with humble feelings or else it will mean nothing to

Viadananotizie.com Viadananotizie.com says:


as125393 says:

Lastima de musica con esas imagenes tan bonitas

loren parks says:

Mmmmmmmm….donughts ahhhh…

axis1234 says:

Such a great mix!! I am also interested in the images for the video. Where
dd you get such incredible images?? Are they for sale? Are they download??
Please let me know. Thanks..

shadowbender says:

everything is ok somehow

MrAnakindra says:

Excuse me, I had no wrong feelings while I was writhing that, yes it is a
bit misleading.. The effect depends on concentration of the substance in a
product and the amount of product. And nature of the substance (its
affinity for the receptors) determinates its potency. Classical psylocibin
molecule that affects ours subthalamic structures (hypothalamus,
hypocampus, nuc. accumbens septi) whit its potency accomplishes max.
concenration on the receptors with 4 g of average schrooms.

Psy Lad says:

d/l ‘adblock plus’ for firefox/chrome. advts be gone!

Cloudwalker says:

relax and take a musical journey towards enlightment and experience an
amazing mental trip

Dave Peter Tragust says:

no fear, just energy

Zwitchcore says:

I wish my desktop was like the video .. that my friends, would have been
awesome sauce all over the place :3

2ndgypsyrose says:

again,this is so effing beautiful! love this every time i meditate with
these sounds i am taken away into a realm and given such love,and
acceptance.also shown things,and taught things,given witty and profound
statements,poems,creative words of beauty that comes from higher
source……..again,thank you for this blessing!

Rinus Urgert says:

nice thanks

Hardlife says:

The dose varies a lot depending on what species you have. You can’t
generalize here or it could have a very negative effect on people who read
this. The dosage for tampanensis almost everytime goes higher than 10 grams
while tampalendia can be below 1 gram. And there is no “maximum effect”.
Your sentence is just so wrong.

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