How To Set Up Mixtrack Pro II On Virtual DJ

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Today i am going to be showing you how to set up virtual dj pro II to your Numark Mixtrack Pro II, this involves downloading maps from the link here and below: i hope you enjoyed and this will help you mix the way you want and get your device working if it dont then dont hesitate to leave a comment and as soon as i notice it i will reply with a solution that might help get you up and running, thanks for watching! ­čśÇ

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DJ Gally says:

i have put mapper and device in folders and mine still wont work´╗┐

DJ Gally says:

Sorted it thank you´╗┐

QuisqueyaNo VAlieNte says:


Michael Alhoshe says:

hello , this worked perfectly for me , the only problem im having is how
can i remap the effects? in vdj 8 u have the option to see all the 3
effects and change them , but here i can only change the main one and the
others are always the same , pls help , thanks!´╗┐

David Venegas says:

Hey i have done all the steps but it still doesnt worl´╗┐

matthew kumar says:

Hey i have no devices folder can u help´╗┐

Shubham Rathi says:

Hello mate, How do i download Virtual dj pro full version..I am only be
able to download home version. that only works for a couple of minutes with
numark mixtrack pro II. Please help´╗┐

brainiack101 says:

does it have to be virtural dj pro or can it be the home free one?´╗┐

joel kremer says:

Its Works but there’s no sound? =/´╗┐

Elise ├ůkerblom says:

Thanks for a good tutorial, I can’t get any sound in my headphones
though… I tried to change some of the advanced configirations but it’s
still the same. Any idea?´╗┐

ashleigh Reid says:

This doesnt work for my mixtrack pro 2 i dont know what im doing wrong but
the controller wont work´╗┐


does it work on virtual dj 8´╗┐

Loulou TheKing says:

HI, Thanks for the tutorial. I still have a problem … The CUE (PFL on
VDJ) buttons are not muting or applying the correponding deck on my
Headphones ! Could you help me out on this ??? Thanks,

Fist Pump says:

This doesn’t work. ´╗┐

Anthony R. says:

Great video! Quick question: how do you delete the cue points? ´╗┐

Rob Kelly says:

Can I thank you for this set up video. I followed your instructions on the
Advanced Settings and it worked perfectly. My Mixtrack Pro II is working
perfectly now .´╗┐

Amir Babakhanian says:

Dude, your video was awesome and helpful but I got one thing, When when
deck 2 is playing in my headphones, and deck 1 on speakers, how can I play
deck 2 on speakers after deck 1 is finished, and do this over and over

Aulia Rakhman says:

can i use this for Mixtrack 2, not mixtrack Pro 2´╗┐

Tjong Hok Lin says:

i read from their web the mic sound can’t come along with the broadcast, is
it true like that ?´╗┐

Chris King says:

How do I Change The Brake Effect To The Flanger Effect. I know the brake
effect come default as FX1 with the code var “shift” ? loop 1 : effect 1
activ. Do You Know What is the Flanger Action Code. I want FX1 to
be Flanger ´╗┐

Adson Santos says:

thank you very much, helped me a lot´╗┐

Tjong Hok Lin says:

how to setup mic for broadcasting´╗┐

YessMattiBoi says:

how do you do it on a macbook pro?´╗┐

juans daone says:

Hey your tutorial worked great. I was able to do the mapping on my VDJ PRO
7 perfectly and even the technical portion (well at least to me)of
assigning each deck to it’s own channel and for the head set as well. The
only problem I’m having now is what sounds like a popping. crackling, cut
off sound in my head set and some times it comes out on the external
speakers. I believe it has something to do with latency. please if you have
any comment and or suggestions on that I would greatly appreciate any
advise on it…. THANX!!!… = ) ´╗┐

juans daone says:

uuuuhhhmmmmm!!!… I think I got it….I just purchased my MTP2 and I have
VDJ PRO 7. I’m gona try and map it with this tutorial… = )´╗┐

nerminberidan says:

Can this also work with the ddj wego ???´╗┐

DJAppyD says:

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