Dj Suketu – Wild 10 Remix (Tip Tip Barsaa Paani)

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One of my best remix created by one and only Dj Suketu


Happy Beast says:

music feel bad. go to 1:00

ravisantosh99 says:

waste of time

patidar refreshment says:


winukomi mydream says:

it so greaTTTTTTTTT!!!indian remix by the great dj Suketu .. ty .. u will
like ..indian soft trance ,,,,

bloooom4 says:

Though the initial tune was copied from Roll down the rubber man, but all
kudos to VIJU SHAH for composing such a evergreen song, i used to listen it
in my childhood, still cant resist at 25. but remix by DJ SUKETU is not
upto the mark

mrugank86 says:

@ f20haas: wtf r u talking about dude..get your facts right..the original
song itself is lifted andcopied by viju shah from “dr alban’s” song..get ur
fcuking facts u got no right to judge without knowing the facts!

mrugank86 says:

dude.STFU! This song is from DJ suketu’s album – wild 10 remixes. i haven’t
made this one. and if u didn’t like it then don’t comment it!

King Khan says:

Love ………………….. This Music..!

jeeneesh says:

well Fuck u rohitabc …i love the remiz…y dnt u go F urself if u dnt…

Hemanth Krishna says:

wtf am i listening to dude… these guys kill trance

kaosinlondon says:

This is not a remix of the original song.

Sanjana dsg says:

play with the music and not WITH THE VOCALS…..when you do that it becomes
a remake… wht MIXES YOU HAVE DONE>>>>>you just created, TIP TIP BARSA
PANi VERSION 2 from your side… should always keep the beauty of song
in your mind…..

Noni Thakur says:

download you tube downloader first then copy the url and then download

MHaseeb Ahmed says:

absolute abuse of an good song….!

mrugank86 says:

download a software “free youtube to mp3 download” u can download this
version in mp3 format or AAC. its a freeware

Mahesh Jadhav says:

nice love you……..

Sanjana dsg says:

i hate remakes……that dosnt show the talent bt degrades da music and he

Ronit Raj says:

this song is totally awsome from beginning tilll the end . the tabla beats
that added in this song i like it !!!!!! luv u dj suketu……..

king khan says:

good song!!!

Rana Gulraiz Hassan says:

lo ji bachay b remix kerne lag gaye ab. the original musix composer viju
shah copied this song. but his copy was 1000000000000000000000 better them
this crap !! this dj mixed the crap vocals of javid ali and other female
with the vocals of legends udit n alka. he should take clasess from viju
shah and then for remixes he should join Bally Sagoo. this remix is a shit
coz it is only fast no rythm there ! crap

5gypsysoul says:

Ok I know the beats of the song from Mohra was copied from Dr. Alban. But
its atleast good to listen to. This is crap.

Mohit B says:

this is F******g awesome remix……. I love each and every beat!!

tarunandini says:

sry dude…. .bt remix is ven vocals r orignal….

mrugank86 says:

“original song” huh! do you kow the original song “tip tip barsaa paani”
itself is a copied/lifted from “dr alban’s – rollng down the rubber man”
blame the bollywood music composers.

Sanjana dsg says:

here i agree with the user “””jontybhatt”…………..its a rape and a
murder of a beautiful song….

saffu87 says:

AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I LOVE SUKETU.!!!!!!!!! every piece of his remix is
amazing…awesome melody and beats…fuck imagine dancing in some clubs in
bombay to this song….DAMN!

nsundu123 says:

Roll Down di Rubber Band

mrugank86 says:

VIJU SHAH lifted this song from DR ALBAN’S album. so STFU . u don’t know
aything about it! suck ur S**T

rimi saifi says:

awosam remix 😉

Latish Vohra says:

awesome work by dj suketu

rajat mittal says:

waah bhaji waah swaad agya….

jontybhatt says:

Complete rape of a beautiful song.

redberriez says:

love it..

mrugank86 says:

Hey saruuu. 🙂

SareenSingh says:


Sanjana dsg says:

this is not called REMIX ITS CALLED “””REMAKE”””… have degraded the
original song…….dont touch the vocals……..get on with the remix…..

redberriez says:

where can i download dis ?

ria2ria says:

hi how can i get a hold of this remix..plz tell me mrugan86…thanksxxx

mrugank86 says:

i didn’t make this remix. the original composer is DJ suketu. so STFU!

sahil156in says:

yogeshmehra remix is 100 times better

mayur patel says:

u can download a software named “download acclerade plus”(DAP)

Eli Selvam says:

dude i love it ..fuck everyone else

rohitabc says:

you fucked up the original song that too very badly…. wasted my time and
bandwidht you MF

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