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http://www.pointblanklondon.com Make 2012 Your Year in Music at Point Blank voted “Best Music Production School” (DJ Mag T-scan awards) 6 years running. This video is a little preview of what you can expect if you [More]
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DIY How To Make ‘White Coca Cola Colors M&M’s Chocolate’ Learn Colors Slime Toilet Poop-A2CyhjB4BiM
DEX 101 is a two-hour workshop shows participants how to DJ. The strictly hands-on introductory program is held at Club U.N. in Montreal in May and June only. The program provides attendees with all the [More]
Tone N Twerk – Learn How To Twerk In 5 Minutes THANKS FOR WATCHING! ☞ Click “SUBSCRIBE” for more videos. ☞ Don’t be antisocial, let your friends have some fun… “LIKE” this video. ☞ If [More]